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Everything you need to know about Gerry Yabes is here.

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This section discuses about Gerry, his talents and skills and milestones:

  1. More about him

  2. Talents and skills

  3. Milestones


This section discusses about family members, friends and relatives including fans:

  1. Family members

  2. Friends and relatives

  3. Fans


This section discusses about the education background, attainment and learning experiences:

  1. Elementary and high school days

  2. College and university program

  3. Learning and other certifications


This section discusses about the employment experiences:

  1. The Academe

  2. Various jobs

  3. BPO industry


This section discusses about the projects where Gerry Yabes is currently involved:

  1. Acting and the theater

  2. Singing and musical talent

  3. Dancing

Other endeavors

This section discusses about other endeavors that Gerry wishes to achieve in the future

  1. Filmmaking and directing

  2. Productions

  3. Social media management

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